Personalized Elf Set

Personalized Elf Set


2 large cookies heat sealed in a bakery box with a bow, and note from The Elf.


Each set is two cookies. You can put up to 2 names on one set, or do separate sets for each name.


Must add personalization or saying (I'm Back! etc) before adding to cart.


Flavor is vanilla sugar.

Vegan option available.

(Remember, we are NOT a vegan kitchen, but vegan items are baked on a separate dedicated day and everything is thoroughly santizied prior to prep/baking. But NOT a dairy/egg free/vegan kitchen. Please keep this in mind for allergy purposes.)



*Please note: I normally do two pick up dates because everyone's elf comes at a different time (some the day after Thanksgiving, some Dec 1st) but to keep things simple this year, I'm only doing ONE pick up date.


If your elf comes Dec 1st, your cookies will still be fresh as is, but you CAN freeze them. Just put the whole box in the freezer, when you're ready to thaw, leave the box on the counter at room temp until completely thawed (DO NOT open the box or you risk condensation inside the bag and potentially ruining the cookie.)