2021 Advent Calendar

2021 Advent Calendar


12 Day Cookie Advent Calendar


12 mini Christmas themed cookies heat sealed and hidden behind 12 little doors. Open one door each day starting December 13th and ending on Christmas Eve!


Flavor is vanilla sugar.


Option to add an additional set- an additional set is $30 and includes 12 mini cookies, heat sealed and numbered to match the main advent box. The additional sets DO NOT come with an advent box. They will be in a plain bakery box.

-This option is for anyone who has multiple people enjoying the advent calendar but doesn't necessarily want a whole second calendar. Ex: One person opens the door on the 13th, another on the 14th, etc. Each person will still have a cookie to enjoy!


***You can add ONE additional set to each box purchased.***


Cookies are individually heat sealed and will stay fresh for the duration of the 12 days but can be frozen if needed.